A.P.G.  Engineering

Engineering and Industrial Services

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Since 25 Years international experiences in Plant Engineering.

Not for all cases, but almost for all, we have the solution.

As more complicated as better it is for us to support you and solve your problem.

For instance:

Wind Craft Systems

Photovoltaic Systems

Tidal Energy Systems

Steam Systems

Piping, Condenser



Automation, BUS Technology, Visualization,

Sauna Technology, Pool Technology

Air Purification, Activated Carbon Units, Incinerator -- System, Recuperative - Systems

Water Treatment, Aerobic- , None Aerobic - Biological, Chemical -, Physical - Treatment

Radiation Protection of all Signals and Antenna Types, Magnetic Space Storm Protection

Sound Attenuation

Vibration Control

Coal to Petrol Process

Robotic Deep Sea Container Terminal

New Ship to Peer Crane System

Diary Plants

Coffee Plants

Fish Packing Plants

Tobacco Plants

Dog Food Plants

LNG / LPG Vessel and Piping

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