Research & Developement


  1. Robotic Offshore Deep Sea ( very fast ) Container Terminal

  2. New Window Glass with a five times better insulation (U) value

  3. Fuel Cell without Hydrogen or  Methane, it does require only oxygen for  the use in Mobile Phones, Note  Books and Military Vehicle , Submarines and  Boats.     

  4. Robotic internet security. No more losses by virus, spy or worms

  5. Ultra light Building for Earthquake area, Slums, emergency. Schools, Hospital.

  6. Software developement to secure your data

  7. Robotic Airborne urban surveillances by day and night

  8. Robotic facility maintenance

  9. Secure nuclear waste dumping

  10. Conversion of CO2, revolutionize oxidation processes

  11. Mega Wellness Center technologies

  12. Many further new technologies to be ready for the world  market  




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