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     Plant Engineering - Erneuerbare Energie Systeme - Renewable-/Next Energy - Automation - Umweltschutz - Environmental Protection - HVAC/TGA - since 1989 


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We about us - Wir über uns 


Welcome to our Engineering Team and Internet Presentation.

Thanks for your interest in our Services and Products.

Willkommen zu unserer Team -und Internet Präsentation. 

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an unseren Leistungen und Produkten.

Unser Motto                                         Our Motto

Denk schneller  !                                               Think faster !

Lieber nur 99,5%,                                            Better 99,5%, 

als 1 Monat zu spät oder zu teuer !              Than 1 month to  late or to expensive ! 



2009 our 20th Anniversary

Founded in January 1989 as Engineering Office. Since 1992 as Ltd. Company (GmbH)

Our C.E.O. Dieter Steinfort is serving since 25 Years in international Turn Key Plant Engineering.

We are member of  VDI  (German Engineering Assoc. ) and the Bremen Chamber of Commerce.

Our Home Town Bremen - 1200 years old - (Federal Free State) does provide an International Airport and Northern Sea Container/Car Deep Sea Terminal.  

Buten un Binnen

Wagen un Winnen  

( Idiom in North German Slang -Plattdeutsch, similar to the Dutch Language -, it does stay for the all time Encouraged Entrepreneur Spirit at home and abroad  - ponder then venture - )      


Die Bremer "Stadtmusikanten" ( right) -The Bremen "Town Musician" a famous Saga ; 4 small animals creating a large one to chase robbers out of town successfully. ( Donkey-Dog-Cat-Cook )

Our Rathhaus/Townhall (center) built  in 1408 and still office of our Mayor

Der Roland (left) built in 1404, Symbol  for freedom and justice of Bremen. UNESCO's World Heritage.